I told madam Su, I got band X the last time i took my muet due to I missed my flight date. I'm not able to properly explain to her the reason, because my english suck. and all she knows about my muet is I got band X and i cannot attend my speaking paper beause of my flight. Thats it.

oh and yeah, i'm the only person with that kind of record in her class lol

we have to present about negotiation in act-out scene and i was chosen among those people in my group. After the presentation, they got me like " hey not a bad english speaker you are." 

" was that you the one from sabah who missed out your speaking paper?" and I goes like " yes" ofc i'm saying that.

But to have the burden of now people thought you're a good eng speaker was like, are you kidding me? the scene was short, so do with the script, i dont think it will brought any big matters to you too. 

and most of them in my group are band 4 people like, i'm the only one duh. bye