math for management

I happen to get a full marks in my math quiz, and for my test, i thank you, dear Hala who been given the direction for my answers. No, kitaorang tak meniru, sir gave us permission untuk berbincang. idk which part yang salah, im following the formula given by Hala carefully so I guess the mistakes probably on the first question. I solve it by my own. lol  

tomorrow is the day. Of throwing all my loads, my 'math sighs' away. I hope i do it right. It feels like Mathematics is my pride since form 1. Well I might be an idiot in addmath but A in maths is my priority. always. i have to. tebus the only C in upsr, maybe. 

Yeah, maths in university is an addmath. idk, but since this thing called math instead, maybe i can make it. well atleast i know im trying.

I had never learn addmath properly. Got a rare chances to learn this things which learned by 'my friends who got the opportunity to further their studies in Matrikulasi' is like wow, I dont have to enter Matrikulasi to learn their

oh yes, most of my kuliah-mates are matrikulasi's student and they quitely adapt well with the formulas since hey they had learn it. waaaaay before us, who have no basic ofc lol

wish me all the best for tomorrow. oh Allah, tak sabar nak balik rumah. insyaAllah on 16hb :)