Lil prince got a child

Dongho got a child. My 22 year old buddy got a child.

Look at this little guy who i once claimed as my twin brother kononnya because he born 4 days after me. lol what a delusional fangirl i was. mungkin still delusion but i believe not as much as i was hahaha

the first day i stan dongho was during bingeul bingeul era and since then im using his birthdate as my password lol but with some other combination which im sure none would ever imagine the numbers and words. dont even try

but im pretty sure im a fan since their first debut. im not sure about the title, im too lazy to google and search the title. and you can correct me if im mistaken. waktu tu era diorang pakai baju basketball hahaha and i wasnt sure at first if the 'u-kiss' is their song title or their group name haha so i googled them 

and they were not as popular, so it quite pathetic to actually found their profile and videos instantly. pls understand since im an old stan and internet era is so difficult like ugh that time.

so, lil son, dongho. congratulation. 

when will be my turn sobs. Dah tua dah aku, masa aku stan dongho dia kecik je. sekarang pun masih kecik but a married man with a child. adeh. 

im so glad i move on and tak kenal banyak rookie groups. recently mereput with some old groups but not as fanatic like i was back then. lol kbai