Kem Motivasi.

Selama duduk UTHM ni, i'm always excited over Kem. If before this im used to ikut Kem as peserta, now as a fasilitator. Tapi, jaga budak budak kecik berumur 12 tahun je. Tak susah, but challenging. Kids with unexpected behaviour.

Im then arranged to be kak fasi for group 5. Eventhough im closer with Wana, Aishah, Alieeya or maybe Haziq and Ai who were loud at that time, im kinda want to talk to new members of the two school. Like, yeah I have to widen my range. lol

So, i met Danish ( which most of this post will be talking about Danish). He is a very tough-kookie lil guy, cheerful with manners and quite kaawai attitudes. Annoying most of the time haha

During LDK 1, me and my 10 kids in a group, we have to choose one person to be a leader of the group and im basically asking them to pick their own leader. It's their group after all. With their eyes closed, most of them picked Aiman. But then, menggunakan kuasa veto, I said they picked Haziq. However, Haziq seems like not able to adapt with being a leader and he's too quiet. So, they picked Danish as the leader. Yeap, the vice versa of Haziq's behaviour. Danish is loud.

i'm always blackmailing them with kemkom and ketua fasi, because im holding their barang amanah. I bet they're not that scared of it, they believe in me too much. Even after kena ugut berapa kali pun, when I asked them for their barang amanahs. they'll give it to me. And, idk why am i too kind sebab tak bagi je dekat kemkom barang amanah tu. lol

LDK 2, I asked them what they want to be when they grow up? and Danish answer sheet caught my attention. He wanted to be a bodyguard, for God sake. I wanted to know why, he just say he just want it. we'll he's not growing up yet I guess. And he even told me, " aya masih nak jadi bodyguard walaupun tak kena bayar." can you believe it. idk if i should impressed or not haha. I asked him if he could be my bodyguard, withour payment, he replied me " Ofc, but you have to call my mom." and now I have both his mom's phone number and his atok's phone number as well. Sebab dia duduk dengan atok haha

oh and Haziq is so blessed. He wanted to be like Dato Seri Najib. I can see all kids were laughing over him. So, I asked him, what make him wanted to be Dato Seri Najib, when most of the members (guy) wanted to be Ronaldo? He said, he wants to be rich. oh okay. and kids be like, " GST ! GST!" 

Haziq then change his 'who he want to be". He picked Mat Luthfi the vlogger. But those lil nine kids wont stop calling him 'Najib' and I can actually sense how Haziq actually offended by that. So, I asked them apologize to Haziq and told them, " Haziq wants to be rich so he could help poor people., he is a good individual."

LDK 3, we planned to make those guys (kids) crying during ' pengorbanan ibu bapa' session and they were crying like fehh serius lah budak budak ni. Are you crying or are you screamin? Semua okay. 99% did

So, during dinner with them. I sit among my 10 kids and I asked them if any of them were crying. unexpectedly they raised their hand and said, " i was crying.", "I cried". All of them admit it and be like " hell sistur, crying is sho gentleman." Im so proud of them. And Danish's eyes were swollen like, it is so obvious.I bet he cried so much lol. Im not expecting that from tough-Danish. But yes he admits it.

Lahh came to me and said, " Kau nangis kan tadi?" So I replied him with, " aku ngantuk. lol" There you go another one yang suka sangat troll orang, ketua Fasi, zftr. "Akak nangis kan tadi? Nampak." Like seriously?  " how can you see me crying in the dark? go away." Meon's story is so hearbreaking.

Second day. Before the explorace. I fought with Lahh because i feel like wanted to stay in CP 1 instead of CP 4. and Lahhbe like " No way, aku suka ketenangan Library." That was when I already asked Sah's permission and he allowed me to. So I look at Sah and said, " Sah dah setuju." and Sah be like, " Setuju apa?" lepas tu dia sengih. omg minta siku.

I always have no intention to lose and have the urge to win. So, I said, " no matter what, i'm going to CP1." and walk away, ignoring his rants. And Lahh be like " Kuaja.........." lol and said, " Kitorang ambik gambar banyak banyak nanti dekat tasik G3 and show you guys. Its a nice place for photoshoot neway." lol 

During the CP I have to handle checkpoint katak. And I have to provokes and handle kids with it hahahaha and my dear Alieeya nangis sampai merah mata sebab tak nak masukkan tangan dalam baldi yang ada katak. 

Finished the explorace. I just gor back from my CP when I saw Danish sitting under the sun drinking his grape flavour F&N drink. I called him and asked, " what are you doing here, main tengah panas?" he said he do noting and was enjoying the weather. Haih seriuslah pelik budak ni. And, I asked him to accompany my to free the kataks. 

And budak ni tanya, " Akak takut katak? Katak tak menakutkan." Eh budak kecik, i'am not. Semua orang ingat aku takut katak. even Lahh cakap, " Habislah Kakak fasi yang jaga katak, kakak fasi yang takut nanti." lol Wouldnt have the urge to jaga CP katak ni if i'm scared of katak. 

Benda yang paling tak boleh lupa adalah masa presentation Logo bendera group. Fasilitator shuold ask all kids' groupwhat is the meaning of the logo. My kids seem like they cannot answer the question. So, Lahh asked them, " Kak Fasi korang sapa?" and some of the pointed their finger to me and said, " Kak Iza." and Lahh said," Ohh, patutlah..macam dia jugak" memang nak ajak bergustilah. And out of many fasi kat situ, memang Lahh sengaja nak perdajal aku, dia pandang aku lepas tu tanya, " Hah, kak fasi. What is the meaning behind the swords and heart on the swords?" im so speechless lah ! Really !

Why am i treated like a peserta? sobs