I'am basically mental breakdown right now.

it is freaking september first and i'm going back to bp on september fourth. ugh you probably know how I feel right now. like maaayn I love my home damn much! I love my own room, space and freaking bed!

life is hard /sobbing

it was hard. when liking channing tatum and when knowing he got married. well he is probably the second actor I like after Johnny depp. Z.E had never won my heart, back then seriously. who else had been on my top chart? ofc the two actors been mentioned are still my fav. eventho tatum has a slightly thicker neck since he got married. kakak rasa dia hodoh, for that reason lol dulu dia super good looking and a good fan doesnt really leave someone they like based on rupa. peh tercekik baca ayat sendiri

not really a loyal fan because i once a fan of selena gomez. henset sony erricson kecil kaler pink dulu tu penuh dengan lagu dia. lirik hafal, most songs. sekarang yang aku ingat cuma sebaris lirik naturally and sebaris lagu i love you like a love song. oh and her latest song is great, really. what is it again the title? lol. bila dah bosan, satu kali harung padam semua hilang dari phone. hah hah habis madu sepah dibuang

wairai/freshie high school is legend. been hating on Big for so long sampai kena bergaduh dengan kakak and adik sebab they both liking Big so much. Sebab im a big fan of Rye lol it wasnt like they both hate Rye, it was just me who take it too serious when Big likes Aon OTL help my young heart. p/s: Aon is not my apple, i dislike her. lol and nope the only thai's actor i like is probably mario only who doesnt like him? duh

idk why am i doing a throoowback.

masa kecil sibuk nak besar sebab nak kawin dengan crush, dummy. bila dah besar sibuk nak kecik sebab nak duduk bawah ketiak mak ayah, again dummy.