I would love to have the moments again

The first experience in KLIA2 was terrific and I love it. Eventho Im having a hard time bila kena naik KLIA transit sebab that kakak who serves us kata, "hurry up, lagi lima minit nak berlepas." you cannot imagine how fast we run over those stairs and actually orang masih rileks menunggu and I looked like a dumb kid running all over the stairs? blergh

makan malam at kfc because that was where my sister's friends choose to eat at and because those other cafes and restaurants are over-priced where we only have kfc as the choice, its not like im going to mcd. lepas tu boleh pulak teringin nak makan icecream bila ternampak baskin robin, and so you know how much you'll spend over a medium cup of icecream, 15 to 20 ringgit maybe, not gonna eat it anymore until someone spend me lewl

we were just scattering over hidden-area, atleast we have spaces to sleep. All surau were full. And im not gonna stuff my body over others in there with those luggages. Banyak sangat berbelanja, banyak beg, and so we should not trouble others because of our luggages. 

sleep around 2am and awake at 4am, pergi toilet to brush our teeth so you not looked like a piece of smelly fish when check in your luggages. im thankful that we're awake at 4am and the line for luggages check in is already open and cannot believe it everyone is on their line bukan seorang dua, ramai. so, jam berapa budak budak ni bangun honestly? and jam berapa kaunter check in ni buka? ugh beratur in a long queue,

selesai kerja, terjumpa a bakery shop called " The Loaf Bakery" if im not mistaken. Tak ke rambang mata tengok everything are so fantastic. About to have our breakfast in the cafe but realized, a cup of coffee cost us to RM 14. The only thing I can do supaya tak kempunan, I bought two original croisants and a chocolate croissant, garlic breads and grean tea bread which idk why I picked them when I already know I cannot eat green tea flavour. Im dying on the first bite of the green tea bread so I handed it to my sisters lol

so, in short we found a mamak-style restaurant idk what it's called but they serve in set, set A, set B, C,D and so on. I dont remember how many sets there. I choose set D if im not mistaken which is Rm 5.50 ada teh tarik and nasi lemak, Im not sure if thats enough for you because nasi lemak tu obviously not enough for me alone and I need two or three of it to actually fill in my stomach. But I cannot drink 3 cawan tehtarik, kan. Well, that was the cheapest over-priced restaurant I guess so yeah we have no choice. eat!

That was hilarious that I cannot bear open my eyes during the flight so that I pretended to sleep about an hours and half of the time. Im seriously scared after hearing all the news about airasia these few weeks. but yeah Alhamdulillah, safely arrived :)

in short, I love KLIA2. Better look, with less investment in the making lol