yes dear blog im looking for you when im mad or down. and im currently down. well, its sunday tomorrow, anyway.

so, this is how university life feel like. lame. im so done with sir Johnson, betul dia cakap. Universiti life in media and reality is so vise versa. Im almost choke myself down here, im not thinking of commited suicide but hanging my neck on, forget it.

tepuk dada tanya iman. tidak beriman seperti yang orang pandang but i have a lil bit tho. benda lari dari agama ni insyaAllah boleh dielak.

im fooled by some of confession on internet saying university life is cool. like, i have 4 assignments to go but im busy with my tests and quizes dont even mention about how im going to do my presentation during my final test. system breakdown.

thanks for those who leading for math, marketing and accounting. im already burdened by management's assignment. Thanks to Hala dengan Nurul sebab make time untuk urus pelepasan kebenaran buat projek.

im not looking forward to the next sem's assignments. seriously, i got 7 semester lagi and im whinning on my first semester. get out, aiza. get out!

"ada realiti yang tidak kita sedari, hanya keyakinan yang dapat merestui"