ok lupakan

not sure dah tak berminat or terlalu fokus buat kerja lain sampai lupa mereka.

if focusing can helps me forgetting them, then good. nothing i want the most than forgetting them. susahnya ya Rabbi. Allah aje tahu macam mana susahnya. addiction.

nearly none of my bigass passion on tl recently. mostly luahan minda dan hati. not quite luahan , idk nak panggil apa. but so-called-luahan la kot. haha 

i cannot scrolling my fb tl too often sebab bila jumpa xiuhan again, i'll be like possessed by the soul of xh shippers. gila. so, trying my best not to scroll fb's tl hehe. kalau dekat twitter's tl you can sum up all my huge addiction together. memang powerful possession dia. lain macam. dont even dare untuk bagi xiu x sung interaction. they both my biggest fear. massive k . i cant control that feelsss -.-

tapi out of all, sj can always count me in as their everlasting friend. not supporting them as an artist or so whatever, not even calling them my idols eventho people call them k-wave idols, i'll think of them as a friend. or paling besar pun as a family members.

sebab hyuk calling us as his daughter hehe. 

iam not a kpopper. im just an elf and a human being yang suka kan kecantikan dan ke-agak-sempurna-an.