flash back moments. idk why but it killing eventho its sweet.the way ive been through, let me walk through it once again. but, let it be even better.

buka semula files lama dekat komputer. found so many stuffs, including videos and photos. creys ftisland ku, supreme team ku. oh kenangan kenangan sungguh, im grown up. time passed. not sure if those moments boleh datang semula. impossible kalau moment tu datang semula tapi moments kita boleh reka semula,kan?

i din know yang jadi dewasa ni menakutkan. im a little girl in a big big big huge massive world. can someone hold me and show me the real way? 

adik adik, apa yang gurus ( ok guru guru) kita cakap tu semua betul. that we gonna miss our school, ok school je k. not the homeworks. yang tu betuul sangat. im seriously nak flashback masa kalau boleh to the moment im 5 years old or something. no regrets, no problems, do what i want to do, asking my parents what i want to eat or something related to parents' responsibilities lol im happy, my sadness only last for like 5 minutes and then i'll be fine. completely.

girls, i miss u like crazy and only Allah knows. I wish i can miss somebody like this. yes like this.