the photo doesnt really related with my entry. so, apology

i was freakin rolled on the floor laughing over karoot komedia x yesterday. ya need to watch. i lose my voice while laughing. or maybe because i laugh that way.

ok enough.

i was waiting since two weeks ago, i mean since the day jep update his instagram mention about mlm2013. oh my, im super excited, because my must watch show, super spontan already at the very end. and i need to find a brand new comedy shows to make me laugh every friday. nah

i told my dad there will be no jozan but sepahtu with rahim, which already a sepatuh member, i guess. and dad was like.. " a powerful and brilliant combination. Rahim is quite funny and good at making punchline" easy dad, i guess he is completely with sepahtu because he is johorean. and yes he is the judge at home duringraja lawak, maharaja lawak, super spontan, maharajalawak mega and even in AF. so...he always got his own bias

i thought my dad will missed the first live MLM2013 because he got some job in KK. and im completely wrong because this hot chair mlm is not the one we're waiting for dude, dad you're safe.

i dont know but with all 16 contestants enter MLM2013, this might take more time to reach the final. unless they drop 3 contestants every week lol. that's mean and horrible. but why not? challanges to the contestants ofc. i hope they didnt let sepahtu or shiro to be the last group to perform. i hate waiting..and yeah i just want people to know that in sepahtu, there are three members. not a solo jep k. just saying

i feel bad for this guy who i ever adore because of his sense of humour. i dont think his teammates are funny, but i guess they do good with him since they didnt enter the hot chair tu, kan? well, just all the best and pls know i support you.

so, not only to sepahtu and shiro. i would like to wish all of you (contestants of MLM2013) all the best for next week and to Wala and Zero from Sabah, hwaiting (: Nabil, Mamat and so on.


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