speaking muet

hyung team won --

Kitaorang group first dalam session kedua. Alhamdulillah praised to Allah, soalan hari ni agak senang. Even groups from session satu pun dapat soalan senang. Who knows soalan semalam ramai complain susah susah susah sebab soalan tentang ekonomi, and they said the only person who can answer those question are economy students. (nah, me, im economy's student but im not going to take the risk nak minta Allah give me that kind of question hehe) but see today everyone yang keluaq dari bilik muet tu semua senyum. for those yang tak senyum agaknya risau kot, and im one of them. muka ketat

first bila check nombor angka giliran for muet 57, nah im candidate A. Rasa macam nak menangis pun ada. That was my weak point. Bila jadi candidate A, rasa macam, boleh ke buat boleh ke buat? short time untuk proses ideas, honestly, im slow. slow amat sangat, i dont have any chritical thinking. but then,

ya Rabb, miracle happened. It was life i gain new life lol. My point for the question is super fine that i can elaborate my point, not elaborate it well but as long as i can elaborate it. And then when i close my task A, examiner kata i have another 15 seconds. what? what else can i say dalam masa 15 saat? seriously, i shut my mouth for 15 sec lol that a great regret ever,

task B, I bet you. im always comfortable to discuss and yeah, my point win. just because my point is the brilliant one. Poor sam and meera, they said their points are ridiculous. ou yeah i feel you. public transport? public place? nah but seriously the both did great.

I feel good. but then poof, Allah tarik kegembiraan tu sementara bila a student from 6 atas 2 asked us,

" who is candidate A?"

i replied, "me" and then she said " tingginya markah." and I was seriously? Alhamdulillah, no. thats not the situation why im being moody. the one when she said, " candidate A and C tinggi markah, kepala 2."

and i was like, whatta kepala dua? what is that?

"27 marks candidate A. wow"

wait. 27 and you said high? high? I get much more than that. Me and Ikin were like, pray that kepala dua adalah salah satu markah for tiga aspek yang kitaorang kena nilai or im screwed. if 27 is the total of my speaking test, my marks will be around 20 per cent and thats bad. totally bad!

and now im keep thinking. Did teacher Rohana are not that strict when she gave me about triple marks of that 27? ;; creys. ya Rabb, sesungguhnya engkau yang maha pengasih penyayang dan penentu segala sesuatu yang berada di bumi, angkasa dan akhirat.

Allah, syukran tcr Arlina yang bantu Sam dan saya untuk dapatkan slip muet tadi pagi. Rasa nak nangis tadi pagi bila tcr Rohana being strict and didnt let us take our slip back ): thanks tcr Arlina (: hero deng deng of the day / the way my sister call a hero. deng deng ;P