ANTM 2013

Saw this photo and I was like aaa, pretty brothers

No. not related with my post at all.

who watch ANTM? america's next top model. Been a while since i watch this. I missed several seasons, maybe 5 seasons. Abah tak ambil channel tu for severals years. Thankfully, dia ambil balik this year and im able to see those pretty and handsome. 

oh yeah, i guess its a new season with new style. This time ANTM ambil model lelaki sekali. which made this season more sexy than the other season. urgh or seasons sebelum ni ada lelaki? pft

after cycle 12 ANTM and ANTM- all star, which my favourite is for both seasons Allison , now Jourdan and Nina are my favourite contestants for the latest ANTM. see, they said Nina got Allisons charms. Wait, no. Just because Nina's eyes are big? no. Allison, she's on top. But no doubt, Nina is pretty. she got that wendy looks. i mean, peterpan's chingu? lol

Jourdan, she got that model's look. And most everyone in the house hate her. Just because she is their biggest challange. She's good and she's pretty. She's loved. oh nah, Jeremy likes her.So i guess no matter how many people hate her, Jeremy is there. as long as Jeremy is not eliminated. Jeremy is on a risky situation every week. 

As for Nina, i dont think she hates jourdan. well, Nina is innocent. and I supposed that Reene is right sometimes but, she's just to hateful. She hates Jourdan just because Jourdan is better and pretty than her. Reene, judges know who is good. Lets just have a deal, be quiet or walk out of ANTM.

Pls kick out Phil and Don out. if you could, Reene and Marvin. But, Marvin, i adore your personality that you think curse on others about their looks doesnt make you famous. but you curse on Mike before, remember? it was the same bye

I cannot wait for this season to end. Hopefully, if Nina or Jourdan is not the winner, let one of them be the runner up. well, runner up is not that bad. Allison won twice as runner up and she is a model right now. Not a very famous but famous. at least,

no photos of them because they are too sexy -- and any photos insert by me are not related at all. ikr